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I have been contributing to Wikipedia in a small way since January 2005, but made forays in earlier years. You can see some of my old contributions at My Older Contributions. - Peter Hitchmough 22:45, 11 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Send lawyers, guns and money...Warren Zevon (1977)


My interests include:

I live in Disley, England.

Current Wikipedia Active Contributions[edit]

See also: My Wiki to Do List


The Bible[edit]

  • Barnabas
  • Bible citation, linking abbreviations to biblical books. E.g. Gen., Exd., 1Cr. 2Cr.
  • The Books of the Bible, linking each book with a consistent link to read it at Bible Gateway.
    • E.g: {{biblegateway|1|Corinthians}}
    • Ensuring that the commonly searched-for Bible book names exist and redirect to the articles on those books.
    • Making the lists in External links sections appear fair and have the NPOV.


My Wikipedia Notes[edit]

How to link to Project Gutenberg[edit]

This is explained at

Example of a good way to link/cite from [Project Gutenberg]]:

How to link to Bible Gateway[edit]

This is explained at

A book:
A passage:
Multiple passages:;1John+3:16
Some verses:
Multiple passages:;1John+3:16
A search for ALL words:

(Search for "Jesus" AND "love")

Using the biblegateway template[edit]

I have encapsulated linking to Bible Gateway in a Wikipedia template: see Template:biblegateway.

Note — the template has two pipes "|" in it. This allows the clean substitutions of book names with a space, e.g. 1 John.

{{biblegateway||John}} {{biblegateway||John}}
{{biblegateway|1|John}} {{biblegateway|1|John}}
{{biblegateway||John+3}} {{biblegateway||John+3}}
{{biblegateway||John+3:16-17}} {{biblegateway||John+3:16-17}}
{{biblegateway||John+3:16-17;1John+3:16}} {{biblegateway||John+3:16-17;1John+3:16}}

Note — the template does not work for the Song of Solomon unless you refer to it as SongOfSolomon: {{biblegateway||SongOfSolomon}}.