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Welcome to my talk page[edit]

Please leave notes/questions/chastisements/haiku/concerns for me here. I will usually respond on your talk page for your convenience. Thanks, and happy editing! Jwrosenzweig

Wheelers Fascist Edits[edit]

I see us butting heads on talk:fascism, and I'm not sure I see a good purpose in it, in fact I'm not entirely sure what your talking about. You seem to have assumed some sort of political bias on my part, and as far as I can tell approved of it "I am glad you agree with Wheeler's political least, I have to assume you must because it is the only truly admirable thing I see in that edit" ??? I am honestly confused, and in my experience people have the most vicious of arguments when they don't know what the other person is talking about ;) Anyways, would you mind rephrasing? My position is clear I think: fix spelling errors, add content rather than reverting edits with citations, I liked wheelers edits ALOT. Sam Spade 01:19, 23 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I think were making alot of progress pretty fast, but I wanted to catch up w you and make sure you were still in good humours. I have a tendancy (particularly online) to irritate the heck out of certain people when controvercial matters come up. IRL I can pretty easilly smooth things over w how witty and charming I am (and modest too ;) but online the best I can do is a smiley (which kinda sux). Anyhow I honestly would enjoy discussing personal politics, but I hope you don't think I was too bossy in insisting we try to ignore those on the article talk page? Weve always gotten along well in the past despite disagreeing (a feat superhuman on the wiki, I would say) and I'd like a bit of reassurance (if you please) that that hasn't all been tossed out the window on this most contentious of topics. Sam Spade 18:23, 23 Mar 2004 (UTC)
I think your doing fine. The only area I think you are a bit wrong in is your judgement of wheeler on my talk page, saying you fear he can't be reasoned with. Its always best to assume good faith, it makes you look squeeky clean when you have been trying to engage someone rationally and they flip their wig on you ;). Anyways, do you use IRC or IM or anything? I'd like to chat w you about some of these particulars in real time if at all possible. Sam Spade 21:45, 23 Mar 2004 (UTC)
P.S. you might like to archive your page. Wheeler may try to leave a note to explain himself and be unable to the large page size ;) Sam Spade 21:49, 23 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Hmmm... That wasn't very nice of him at all. Has he been this agressive w other editors in the past? I seem to remember you suggesting something like that. While I do like having a diverse group of nutters, (particularly educated ones as he appears to be) nobody deserves harassment, particularly about religion. On the one hand I'd like for him to appologise, and for us to move on, but on the other, if he makes a habit out of harrassing others, thats clearly not acceptable. Anyways, just so you know, I think you handled it very well. If you were as mad as I'd guess you were, you did an awsome job of keeping your cool and not denegrating into flamming (as I have done at least once ;). Heres hoping he just overstepped, and is as embarassed as I am for him :S Sam Spade 00:21, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Please be patient, he told me he was using a computer at the library, so I don't expect he'll be on very often. If he doesn't apologize, and esp. if he does something else provocative, I highly recommend utilizing the wiki-conflict resolution process. From what I have seen I can't say he is trolling, but it is entirely possible. On the other hand it is as, or more likely that he is just a bit of a blowhard, as are so many online, and will take a bit of time adjusting to our ways here. I left him some advice and a link to wikiquette on his talk, so maybe that will help. Good job keeping a cool head, but I'm honestly not surprised. You haven?t struck me as the type who allows the passions of the moment overcome their good sense. Cheers, Sam Spade 00:40, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)
P.S. Take a look at his note on my talk page (its unsigned). He might be asking me to mediate between you, or you and kim. I'm not for sure, but obviously I'd be willing. I'm gonna take a look at what he did on the republic. Sam Spade 00:42, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I disagreed w a couple things you said on wheelers talk page (respectfully of course! :). I'm a bit dismayed at how many things we disagree on, either you must be pretty atypical, or maybe I was wrong is suspecting myself as being a populist when I tried to lable myself politically. Anyways sorry for contridicting you, but I felt some stuff needed said. Sam Spade 05:10, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I am for some reason drawn to protect "edgy" newbies, particularly those on the far right. Perhaps it's an instinct to protect the underdog, or to ensure that what I see as an underrepresented group gets a bit of say here. Also, while I keep saying my politics are difficult to comprehend, it is true that I feel very strongly about protecting "freedom of speech" from "political correctness". Perhaps I didn't use the best word when I said "Marxists", perhaps materialists, politically correct, or some other term would be better, but frankly I'm not great at labeling my opposition in NPOV terms. My preference is "factual relativists", which essentially underlines what it is about them that upsets me. I am an absolutist, not in that I prefer dictatorship but in that I don't believe the truth is relative. Facts are not shaped by opinions. On the other hand there are of course various ways to interpret a given peice of data, and I wholeheartedly favor the expression of multiple POV'S on a given subject (particularly with citations!). Thats actually my main point here. I want a full range of interpretations presented in articles, not only those that are currently "cool" in academia. Maybe "Marxist" isn't the right way to refer to "them" but when they oppose representing a full range of thought (I'd never consider excluding theirs, BTW), insist on presenting Socialism, Communism and Anarchism in an unreasonably favorable light, and disrespecting God if at all possible, I'm not sure if there is a better term, perhaps "factual relativists"? ;) Sam Spade 18:33, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)


Fine compromise. Maybe that page was a bad idea. I bet he's going to turn it into a soap box now. 172 23:59, 23 Mar 2004 (UTC)


Please check Wikipedia_talk:Requests_for_adminship#Hcheney so you can make an informed decision on my Request for Adminship --Hcheney 17:37, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Yassin protection[edit]

Just checked the protection log to be sure - and yep, I accidentally protected Yassin. My bad. Thanks for fixing it. →Raul654 19:24, Mar 24, 2004 (UTC)


Just a few minutes ago I had an edit conflict with you while we were both trying to post nearly the exact same opinion on a meta page. It is yet another reminder to me that you are the person on here who I most feel shares my perspective on what the Wikipedia is about. I just wanted to thank you for being a good role model. Yesterday when dealing with the first person to get angry about an admin action of mine (check out my talk page) I calmed myself down and answered him politely, thinking to myself, what would Jwrosenzweig do?  :) moink 21:15, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for dealing with the bisexuality issue![edit]

I was not sure about that one, Mark Richards 22:09, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Please dont threaten me with legal action. Perl 23:51, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)~

I didn't. I can't even figure out how you thought I had. See my comments on your talk page. Jwrosenzweig 23:55, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

re: grazingship[edit]

Hcheney has come clean with some truths regarding GrazingshipIV. You may want to reconsider your Quickpoll vote. Kingturtle 23:57, 24 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Thank you for your kind words on my talk page. I do not necessarily wish to be a member of a community with exclusive cliches, as Wikipedia appears to be. In fact, as a libertarian, wikipedia has shaken my entire world-view because wikipedia is the closest thing to a libertarian nation-state that exists today. I may or may not return to wikipedia, but I definetly need some time off. --Hcheney 02:08, 25 Mar 2004 (UTC)


I've been meaning to write something about him for a long time (I've read and enjoyed three of the books I listed on his article, and written about two of them). I wish I knew more about him though. Dori | Talk 18:36, Mar 25, 2004 (UTC)


Here's what I did with Reinsurance Treaty. It's explained more at m:transwiki.

Cut and paste it to Wikisource:Transwiki:Reinsurance_Treaty with the edit summary "from en.wikipedia via VfD. Author:". Log the move at Wikipedia:Transwiki log and Wikisource:Transwiki log. There are redirects to these logs at transwiki on both Wikipedia and Wikisource. Then, unless there is anything in the article worth keeping, delete the page from Wikipedia. Remove the listing from VfD. Angela. 19:25, Mar 25, 2004 (UTC)

Anderson CoG[edit]

Hey, JW, you would be proud. Check out my new stub for Daniel Sidney Warner. Incidentally, I myself attended First CoG in Vero Beach, Florida for 5 years when I lived there back in the early 90s. I sure do miss those fine people. I also knew a computer tech there named Rosenzweig, but he was Jewish. He told me the name is German for "rosebush". P.S. I am avoiding VfD for now and trying not to get into any edit wars on Oatmeal. Now if I could just get some paying work done. Take care. H2O 22:45, 26 Mar 2004 (UTC)

"you knew I am a current CoG attendee?"
you mentioned it on the CoG talk page. H2O 23:06, 26 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Sorry-- I posted links to a couple of jazz resources that seemed relevant to articles in the Wikipedia. No attempt at vandalizing was intended. (Hope I did this right-- I'm new to Wikipedia and the unique style of tagging one's edits...)

I don't know who you are, but I'm glad you're not trying to anything bad here. I certainly apologize if I was too rough on you. Thanks for leaving the note, and please keep contributing. Jwrosenzweig 16:33, 29 Mar 2004 (UTC)


A new haiku, now that the old one is tucked away in Archive 3 -

Old words put away,
Discussion begins anew
Destined to become 4.

- Woodrow 19:44, 27 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Figured I'd write you one too, why not eh?

spring comes like a thief
mud and bright, and damp rainbows
stealing all my snow

Sam Spade 20:06, 27 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Ah, thank you both! Very nice. I assume Woodrow's is original, of course....Sam, is that a Sam original? I like it regardless, but if it is you, you have poetic talent I was unaware of! :-) Jwrosenzweig 16:33, 29 Mar 2004 (UTC)
um yeah, it was original. I'm not inclined to place a lot of value on poetry, but I sure can write alot of it. I got double credit in an english class in high school for writing a couple books worth of poetry, including 100 haiku's. You flatter me of course that you like it, but since the work involved on my part is so very small, the cash value negligable, and the karmic/spiritual value minimal, I can't say I'm excitable enough to spend much time at it. My poetic hobby is to write an original one on thje spot when I notice someone looking for/presenting a good deal of, poetry. I'm alot more intersted in non-fiction or short story/novel type writing and might (or may have already :) have something published under a pseudonym. Heres another one, in a more humerous vein.

potato famine
killed lots of those Irish guys
not all of them tho

Thats not on the spot original, but one I particularly liked from the afore mentioned 100 Haiku's. I like to recite original work, but I'm not opposed to reusing my old material. I am Irish, btw ;) Sam Spade 02:55, 4 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Message about banning[edit]

Hello, I don't understand how I got this message:

User talk: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Thanks for experimenting with Wikipedia. Your test worked, and has now been removed. Please use Wikipedia:Sandbox for any other tests you want to do, since testing material in articles will normally be removed quickly. Please see the welcome page if you would like to learn more about contributing here. Thanks. fabiform | talk 22:51, 25 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Vandalize again and you will be blocked. Jwrosenzweig 22:54, 25 Mar 2004 (UTC

The last time I checked my IP hasnt changed and my page is still at [[1]] I dont even know who is please check it out thx:)

Hmmmmm, the only way you would think that note was for you is if you saw you had new messages, click on that, and see those least, that's the only reason I can think of. So, you must have been logged on as that IP, even if you're normally logged on elsewhere. You sound very reasonable, and I imagine you were sharing the IP with a vandal, and accidentally got their warning. I suggest getting a username. :-) It's free, it's easy, and it means you only get messages intended for you. Thanks for the note though! If you want to check what IP you've been using, go to all the pages you've edited and see what number shows up in the page history. :-) Keep on editing, Jwrosenzweig 16:33, 29 Mar 2004 (UTC)


Hello, JWR. Saw your comment on your wish not to have people add "State". Wondered about the "raining" comment, because all I know about the weather there is that Seattle allegedly has the bluest skies you've ever seen. Several of my relatives live in the state and haven't told me about rain.

Anyway, not being in Haiku mood today, I thought I would just say "Gidday" or "G'day" from the Southern Hemisphere and invite you to look at Zeal's pages about Washington here if you're ever keen to do more writing or reading about matters close to home. I'm one of the Zealots who take a particular interest in that state, with a concentration on Yakima County in my case because I get letters from two people who live there.

Kind regards :robinp 03:10, 28 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Robin, how strange! Seattle is renowned for its rain, or at least 9 of 10 jokes about Seattle in national media and sitcoms involve rain (the tenth is usually a coffee joke). I'm glad someone has been telling you good things, though. :-) G'day back to you, and thanks for the note. I'll check out zeal sometime, though of course a lot of my energy is tied up here! :-) Have a wonderful day/night in the S. Hemisphere, and enjoy the fall colors (it is fall, isn't it? I get confused sometimes). Jwrosenzweig 16:33, 29 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Argh. fabiform | talk 23:48, 29 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Nod. Double, triple argh. fabiform | talk 23:56, 29 Mar 2004 (UTC)
Hi, you two! Beware of aerophagia :O) - irismeister 00:05, 2004 Mar 30 (UTC)

Hi, could you please give a reference and where I can find that #4 that you posted on the Fascism User Talk. I am interested in where you found that.

Could you archive my User:Talk. I am a little confused and not up to speed on this yet. Someone has filled it up. ThanksWHEELER 01:13, 30 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for archiving my page. Please check out the Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. I left quotes on the Republic talk page for you.
Mr. Jwrosenzweig, I have found the Doctrine of Fascism on many websites. They have all altered the word "Left" to "right". Please find the book "Challenge to Liberty" by Herbert Hoover. He didn't change the word. This is exactly what Ayn Rand and George Orwell talked about. Eureka. WHEELER 18:11, 30 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I've settled the matter of the Mussolini quote:

OK Wheeler, here's the moment you've been waiting for. Our library here happens to have the 1932 enciclopedia italiana. I have volume XIV in front of me and here, I am about to reveal whether your Herbert Hoover book correctly translated Mussolini as saying fascism is of the "left" or of the "right". Have the websites you quoted deliberately substituted "right" for "left" or is the translation Herbert Hoover used in his book just wrong.
are you ready?
volume XIV, article is called fascismo by benito mussolini. on page 850, 1st column, about the middle of paragraph 2, Mussolini writes as follows:

Si puo pensare che questo sia il secolo dell'autorita, un secolo di <<destra>>, un secolo fascista;

Now, I don't know a lot of Italian but I do happen to know that "sinistra" means left and "destra" means right so the translation of "un secolo di <<destra>>, un secolo fascista;" would be "a century of the 'right', a fascist century."
Send my your snailmail address and I'll send you a photocopy of the page just in case you don't believe me. Or if you think I'll falsify the photocopy use your interlibrary loan system and ask Stauffer Library at Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) to send you a photocopy of page 850, volume XIV, Enciclopedia Italiana call# REF AE35 E5 v.14Formeruser-83
Thank you. WHEELER, no need to feel badly on this point -- you had a source you thought was reliable, and it has apparently let you down. I'm afraid that, while I admire Hoover, it doesn't surprise me that he would be tempted to classify Mussolini with the left. WHEELER, you still have a few important additions to the Fascism article, but I hope you can be magnanimous enough to admit at this point that there is very little to defend the idea that Mussolini saw the Fascist movement as "leftist". Jwrosenzweig 00:52, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

A couple of questions[edit]

Hey, I've just got a couple of How-to-use-Wikipedia-better questions for ya: first of all, how did you get the automatic time-calculator and vote-counter on the Requests for Admin page to work? And also, I noticed your milestone summaries - how do you know exactly when you reach 3000 edits or so? --Alex S 17:54, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

JOR vandal[edit]

I am registered user but not logging in because ANTI POLAND CABAL is pro-Jor. He is POV PUSHER and VANDAL.

Sorry. Policy says you have to log in to post that Quickpoll. Follow the rules. And I think you'll find that, if Jor has truly broken our rules, the community will reprimand him accordingly, cabal or no cabal. Jwrosenzweig 19:55, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)
This is lie!!! You are JOR SUPPORTER and POV! JOR is VANDAL and must be WARNING on page!!!
Dear Lord, shouldn't contributors to the English Wikipedia be required to, you know, speak English? Although our Polish (presumably) friend is right that Jor is a POV pusher. john 20:17, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)


I have thousand proxy and BAN will not stop from WARNING JOR VANDAL. Better you just let QUICKPOLL on page!!!!!

Are you threatening to vandalize Wikipedia by proxy? If so, I will oppose you with every means at my disposal. Jwrosenzweig 20:03, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

WHEELER and anti-semitism[edit]

So, now that WHEELER has revealed pretty clearly that he's an anti-semite, are there any steps that can be taken against him? For instance, could I start a Wikipedia:Requests for Comment page about him? john 20:17, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Well, beyond the anti-semitism, he's completely impossible to deal with. But yeah, probably let's just keep an eye on him. john 20:26, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Hey -- thanks for the kind words on JHK's page. I may be back now and again, just for fun, now that I've given myself a breather. If I'm not here under my own initials, I may be under my alter-ego, though. Oh -- and that "Seattle has blue skies" thing? Not at the moment (I'm looking out my office window), but KPLU has been playing a bit of the Here come the brides theme as a part of their "soundscapes" series, and the opening line is, "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle ..." Cheers! JHK

Thank you for the note. I'm about to go out into the weather (windowless cubicle leaves me blind to current conditions) and was wondering how it was out there. :-) Have an excellent day, and I certainly do hope you come back for fun -- we need more users like that. :-) Jwrosenzweig 20:48, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)


I'm just a tiny bit bitter because I tried to nominate him for adminship a few weeks back and people were all, "No! It's too early." *grumble* I just want it to be clear to everybody that I.SAW.HIM.FIRST! As for the boyfriend part, just don't tell my RL boyfriend. :) jengod 07:53, Apr 1, 2004 (UTC)

Dante's egregious violations of Michael3's rights...[edit]

While I appreciate your support, I think it only fair to warn you that you are now likely to be accused of blindly supporting the wiki-heirarchy in its sinister goal of destroying democracy and freedom accross the net. ;) --Dante Alighieri | Talk 00:51, Apr 2, 2004 (UTC)


I would like you to know that I am working on a song in your honor. Just goes to show how much time I actually have... - Woodrow 03:17, 2 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I would like to call this song "J.R. the Great". It came to me as I laid in bed (cursed insomnia!) last night, and so far it's the best thing the dusty and cobwebbed part of my brain can come up with:

♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫I bend a knee to you this day!♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫You make our sadness go away!♫
♫You write articles♫
♫And revert vandals♫
♫And count votes for the AMA,♫
♫I bend a knee to you this daaay!♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫We wish you could always be with us all day,♫
♫But then you'd be unemployed,♫
♫You have to work for money,♫
♫Money for food,♫
♫And without food you could be no longer enjooooyed,♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫J.R. the Great,♫
♫We wish you could be with us all day!♫

The second verse used to be better, but 15 hours tends to bite at the memory. I don't feel up to writing a third verse, but if inspiration strikes, I will inform you. In addition to the copyright to this song (which is now worthless), I give you a barnstar for your all-around excellence! - Woodrow 20:31, 2 Apr 2004 (UTC)

What to do about Zviad Gamsakhurdia edit war?[edit]

I see Levzur is up to his usual tricks on Zviad Gamsakhurdia yet again. Hephaestos has suggested mediation followed by arbitration, which I'm sure Levzur will decline, but it's a step which clearly needs to be taken. Otherwise I see no end in sight to the edit war, given that even a temp ban hasn't deterred Levzur. Do you agree with this and given your involvement with the article, would you wish to be one of the parties requesting mediation? -- ChrisO 10:43, 3 Apr 2004 (UTC)

File System[edit]

Sorry to bother you, but well, you're a rather wise and even-headed person and could I maybe ask you for some more advice? I've landed in a dispute with User:Darrien over... would you believe... an image. I think I've been doing everything right according to procedure, but I've only seemed to incence Darrien further. Could you take a look and maybe advise us both and reccomend what the best course of action is? Thank you if you can find some time :-) Have a nice day! Kim Bruning 12:38, 5 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Thank you very much for your comments. Next time I see something like this, I'll be sure not to do anything until the next day, so I have some time to think, and not cause this kind of thing. My apologies for having to drag you in.:) Kim Bruning 18:16, 5 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Watch your dander![edit]

Hmm, don't get your dander up too far with WHEELER. He's not worth getting all dandered up about I think. Take a break and so eh? :) Kim Bruning 20:59, 5 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Sorry about getting your dander up. I didn't notice in the beginning your history idea. But I have added some sections to the Classicism section that might help you understand Republic and the Greeks and Classicism in general. Paideia, Golden Mean. Without understanding these terms it is hard to understand the Greeks and THEIR TERMS.WHEELER 19:03, 8 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Got your message but I just spent an half an hour typing the Spartan's own from the Laws on his own definition of his state. See, Talk:Greek Philosophies on Republic. WHEELER 19:24, 8 Apr 2004 (UTC)

AMA ballot counters/inspectors[edit]

There are now two non-members who have volunteered for ballot counting/inspectors of election, for the AMA; namely you and User:Zanimum. Thank you both for coming forth to help us out. If you guys could decide amongst yourselves on an election procedure and let the members know what you have decided on receiving ballots that would be great. Alex S also volunteered, but as he is a member of AMA you might decide that he is not needed so he can vote without any issues of impartiality effecting the election process. You might also want to consider the issue of secret balloting (i.e. only the two of you know who voted for whom) that has been discussed a bit (I am personally in favour of such an approach, I don't think Ed Poor has expressed an opinion on it and I think Sam Spade would rather have an open election). Usually if some one person requests a secret election that should be enough reason to have one. In any case, since we only have me as a de facto interim coordinator and I've been nominated for coordinator I leave it to you guys to coordinate any discussion about that. — © Alex756 15:55, 8 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I'm being watched![edit]

Thanks for correcting me @ User:WhiteDragon.

Have a nice day! Kim Bruning 21:06, 9 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Yeah I was paging back and forward between several users, and their contributions, and apparently got lost and edited a User: instead of User Talk: . I'm still awake, honest! Kim Bruning 21:13, 9 Apr 2004 (UTC)
I'm just really impressed with some of WHEELERs latest work, I think he's just slightly been slightly annoying because perhaps he hasn't had much internet (or academic) experience so far. I think it's been worth putting up with him, he's getting better all the time. I nominated the article already to encourage wheeler. And no of course I'm not offended by you moving the article down. Your serious comments on the nominations for featured article page will probably only tend to encourage him to contribute more and better yet. The evil plan is working! Bwahaha! Kim Bruning 21:26, 9 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Regarding Talk:Anchorage[edit]

Don't know if you've seen Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Anthony DiPierro, or more particularly, my post to the accompanying talk page. I think that reading Anthony's response to me at Talk:Anchorage, in light of that information, might add a little perspective to our exchange. I think Anthony was probably making a humorous sort of response based on that, but as with all humor in online forums, either you or I could easily have misunderstood him. --Michael Snow 23:12, 9 Apr 2004 (UTC)

You're welcome if that was any help. I did sense a note of irritation that I consider unusual for you - not that anything you said was inappropriate, though, and some people here need to be lectured occasionally. And I very much appreciate the compliment of being called a "voice of reason", coming from somebody I regard in the same light. --Michael Snow 23:32, 9 Apr 2004 (UTC)


If you're not a troll
Then why do you bother us
Please just go away

My hunger's endless
Attention is what I crave
I will never change


Yes, that's wholly unacceptable, as "administrative counties" were repealed in 1974 and replaced with just "counties". I have quit wikipedia for a while, because I really can't cope with this. Morwen 10:16, Apr 10, 2004 (UTC)


Thanks for your very insightful and interesting reply on my rant page. Why, if this kind of thing keeps up, next thing you know, people will be engaging in calm and reasoned discourse on the internet! Can't have that. Seriously, just before I saw your comment, I myself was re-evaluating my position on bragsheets for the very reason you mention --- the better to keep track of articles I care about and thus have messed with. All in all, though, I still think one of the great things about this amazing and possibly history-making project is that its focus is the product rather than the production (something, when you think about it, rarely found in human endeavour: Diderot's Encyclopedie, Johnson's Dictionary, Ford's production line). Ensiform 04:50, 11 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Admin Nomination[edit]

Hello, I would appreciate your help by earning your vote as an admin. I have been here about 5 months now and have been nominated. I have made many contributions and have improved on my editing and behavior. I take this seriously, that is why I have gotten into it with Anthony so much. You can look at my user page yourself and see my contribtions. I would appreciate a vote in the yes column if you agree. Again, thanks for your time and help. ChrisDJackson 02:32, 13 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Talk Page: Nomination[edit]

I really look up to you as a model wikipedian and admin, so your comment means the world to me. I don't want to start the Third World War so I can merely have a quick revert option or the ability to ban vandals. I would gladly accept the nomination provided you think it would be in the best interests of the community, since I've been ignoring Wiki-Politics as of late. Best Regards --Hcheney 23:01, 13 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Thank you. I just wish everyone was as cool-headed and interested in the NPOV policy as you are. --Hcheney 23:18, 13 Apr 2004 (UTC)

You did good[edit]

I like what you did with the Blazin' Squad page I started.. I'm sorry I couldn't make it as good as you made it but it was the first time I had come on here and made one of these pages.. I'll remember to make the pictures on the pages thumbnails next time. Thanks for the message and tips. Xkarenx 00:10, 14 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Hi. I noticed you were listed as a translator for German->English. If you get a chance, I listed de:Heinrich von Stephan at Wikipedia:Translation into English. It's a short job - there's only a few paragraphs in the German version, but the English is a tiny stub. He seems to be a key figure in the history of international mail. Isomorphic 02:05, 14 Apr 2004 (UTC)


Hi, thanks for your support and especially for the extra trouble you took in thinking about and writing about my admin nomination. Cheers, Cecropia 03:25, 14 Apr 2004 (UTC)