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Welcome to Jan_i's Page![edit]

  • I am currently finishing my undergrad studies in Early Childood Education and Sociology at Ryerson University. I have been introduced to the world of Wikis through a course in Education and Computers. After many hours of poking on Wikis and almost losing my sanity, I can now say that I know my way around Wikis (well, to some extent).
  • I always had a great interest in the broad field of equity studies. Issues around social inequality and social justice are two of my passions and hit very close to home for me. This is the main reason why I chose to contribute an entry on the topic of Anti-bias Curriculum on Wikipedia. I also felt that there was a great need to introduce this topic and its contents on Wikipedia as there was no page directly addressing this topic.
  • Check out my (first born) entry on Wikipedia!
Anti-bias curriculum

-- Jan i 22:54, 12 Dec 2004 (UTC)