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Here to look for and browse articles on arts, media and theory, and may occasionally contribute as well.

My work and interests range from research into new media applications and artistic discourse to social issues, geopolitics and how to slow-down or stop the accelerated man-made anthropogenic mass extinction.

08:11, 9 September 2007 (UTC) I just moved to London have just started to work for Creative and Cultural Skills [1]. My role is leading a small team of research editors to create content for a resourceful web site about skills, insights, views and values for the creative industries and cultural sector. I have a background within arts, graphic design and new media spanning 25 years.

Name: Walter van der Cruijsen

Some very old links

  1. Personal website on
  2. ASCII Art Ensemble which is some form of
  3. the dutch thing

Some companies and organisations I have worked with/for

  1. Lubljana Digital Media Lab
  2. Centre for Art and Media
  3. World Wide Video Festival
  4. nettime
  5. The Thing